Hornby & Drake: Starbucks Coffee Company

Let’s talk about Starbucks this morning.

This is the end of my 4th month in Vancouver, BC. So far, so good! Everything works well here. we found a place to live in three weeks and a job in one month. Not so bad when you know that our english really need to be improve.

Do you know that if you come into a Starbucks with your cup it is 10 cents less on your bill ?

Today I just want to share a Starbuck in Vancouver. I come here every Saturday and Sunday morning to take my first Double Shot Skim Milk Latte and I really wanted to say thank you to the staff of this place.

Hornby and Drake Starbucks Coffee

  1. The staff is always smiling
  2. They try to remember you, and this is really great. You know that you are at Starbucks but doing that I would call this place « My neighborhood café« 
  3. The place is always clean

Thank you to this team.

Where is this place?

Address: 860 Drake St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P2
Weekend Open hours : Sat/Sun 6:30 am to 7 pm