From Montréal to Vancouver

From Montreal to Vancouver, from HEC Montreal to CBRE Vancouver.

I did not write any article for a few weeks, mid 2018 was quite challenging and if I can give one advice to anyone is reading is article, try to realize your will it’s worth it!

I spent more than 2 years in Montreal as a Communication Advisor and Webmaster at HEC Montréal, great team, great project but after to years here the time had come for me to try something new, to embrace new challenges and to come back in this beautiful city named Vancouver.

« Sorry boss, I’m leaving my job. It’s not because of the job or you it’s just because it’s time for me to try something new! I had a great experience with you and your team but time had come for me to try to build something new. »

I really loved my team and my job at HEC Montréal but the call of the west was stronger and I wanted to try to live, work and re-build something new during the year of my 30th birthday!

Here I am! Vancouver city!

After two month of job interview, in English. I found a job as Digital Marketing Specialist at CBRE Vancouver!

Now, It’s been 3 months that I work for CBRE, it’s not easy everyday to work in English but It add a great challenge to my daily routine and I like that.

When you have to evolve in an english environment, and when your are not bilingual at all, you can’t be shy and you have to give everything you can. I really love this sensation. The fact that I want to success in Vancouver helps me a lot.

This is a small summary of my 3 last months in Vancouver…

  • June 27: From Montreal to Vancouver
  • July 31: A place to live in Downtown Vancouver, a dream came true
  • August 22: I found a job at CBRE Vancouver
  • September 10: 1st day at work

Is this my Canadian life dream ? I don’t know but I can say that I did something I wanted for a long time. Come back in Vancouver and settle here!