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I wrote an article in French one year ago about what is the cost of living when you arrive in Montreal. Now that I moved to Vancouver, British Colombia I wanted to write the same kind of article for all new person coming in Vancouver city.

In this article i will talk about my experience and what I paid. Some people pay less other more. It’s just an article to give you an idea of the cost of living in Vancouver and more precisely in downtown Vancouver.

How much for a small apartment in Vancouver Downtown

I choose to live in Downtown because I really like that. You have to know that if you decide to go in another area you will probably pay less for your rent. So, this is my experience. I live 2 streets from Davie street in a small one bedroom apartment and I have a balcony. For this little space of happiness (around 40m2) I pay 1460 $CAD.

How Much for your Hydro, internet etc for your apartment ?

Lucky me heat and hot water are included in my rent. I just have to pay for my day to day use. For this I pay around 15 $CAD by month for Hydro. I don’t have TV channels (who need this anymore today…) I subscribed my internet access with Novus and I pay around 40 $CAD per month.

Let’s include a cellphone and your gym in what you have to pay every month

I pay 55 $CAD with virgin Mobile for my cellphone, not the cheapest one but I have a 2 years contract so I keep this like this and I will see in a few months. For my Gym Club (YMCA) I pay 55 $CAD per month.

The good thing when you live downtown is that if you work downtown you don’t have to spend more than 100 $CAD in transportation with Translink. But let’s add 20 $CAD maximum per month if you need to move outside downtown during the weekend.

It’s time to do my math

  • Rent: 1460 $CAD if your are 2 it’s 730 $CAD
  • Hydro: 15 $CAD
  • Internet: 40 $CAD
  • Cellphone: 55 $CAD
  • Gym: 55 $CAD
  • Transportation: 20 $CAD

Total for one (if you are 2):915 $CAD otherwise 1645 $CAD

What is the cost difference between Vancouver and Montreal ?

Consumer Prices in Montreal are 8.43% lower than in Vancouver
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Montreal are 24.33% lower than in Vancouver
Rent Prices in Montreal are 49.03% lower than in Vancouver
Restaurant Prices in Montreal are 11.41% lower than in Vancouver
Groceries Prices in Montreal are 5.78% lower than in Vancouver
Local Purchasing Power in Montreal is 23.90% higher than in Vancouver

Source : Numbeo

The Cost of Living in Vancouver, Canada