Canned Unicorn Meat

If unicorns are real then let’s eat unicorn meat!

Of course Unicorn are real. I let you discover the taste of this magic meat that you can buy on Amazon! Let you empted by this 5.5 ounce unicorn meat  sold by ThinkGeek on Amazon. This meat is an excellent source of sparkles. It is a fact that Unicorns sparkles everywhere so you can be sure that this unicorn meat is an excellent source of sparkles. 

Unicorn meat

You are going to experience of the magic in every bite of this unicorn meat. Have you ever dream to say to your friends or colleagues : « Do you want to try my Unicorn Meat Sandwich? »  

Good news this can is easy to open. No can opener needed to access to your unicorn meat. 

One more thing, inside the can is a cut up unicorn stuffed plush toy. You could Add this to your collection of geeky toys.